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Although our main focus is on care fees advice we also offer investment services.

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Investment, Risk and Reward


We all want a fabulous return on our money but with the minimum of risk.  Is it possible?  The short answer is no; risk free investments rarely give a strong return but even taking a higher level of risk doesn't guarantee you high returns; you could actually lose money.


The answer is to plan your investments carefully.  This is money that you have worked hard to acquire and it is worth taking some time to stop and review what it is that you want.




Firstly we must identify what this money is for.  Why do you have it, what do you want to do with it and when do you want to do it?  Money can provide opportunities, enjoyment and security; so what is it that you value?




We use sophisticated modelling tools to help identify your tolerance of investment risk and capacity for loss.  Risk varies depending upon circumstances and you may have some money that you don't need to touch for a long time on which you could take a higher level of risk than money that may be needed in the shorter term.  Many of our clients want low risk solutions and we will work closley with you to find something that fits you.


Remember, we are here as your advisers.  We will not to try to persuade you to invest in anything; we simply do our research and aim to find the best solutions for your financial needs.




There are lots of ways in which you can hold investments; whether that be through a pension, ISA, investment bond, offshore or collective investments.  We review your situation and choose the solution that will maximise the benefit to you.


This includes planning Inheritance Tax.




Once agreed we will put in place our solutions and, we would recommend that you continue to employ us to review and service your investments and financial planning on an ongoing basis.

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Where is My Money?


Do you think about what your money is up to when you're not watching?


Many large investment funds have substantial holdings in tobacco, oil, defence, gambling, payday loans and drinks companies.  These are often included in portfolios as 'defensive' stocks because they are large companies with steady revenues and profits.  Are you invested in assets with which you are uncomfortable?


Alternatively, you might wish for your investments to actively support things in which you believe.  


Whatever your views, talk to us and we can create a portfolio that connects your investments with your beliefs.


Charities, Churches and Businesses


Are you sure that your investments do not conflict with the stated aims and ethics of your organisation?  You may recall recent news stories about church and charity investments that made uncomfortable reading for those involved.  You owe it to your supporters and customers to invest wisely and in line with the goals of your organisation.


We would be pleased to offer an ethical review of your investment holdings.  Please call us for further detail and pricing.

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Do you have existing investments taken out with other financial advisers or banks that are either no longer offering a service or have not contacted you for years?  Get in touch and let us manage them on your behalf.  We will agree a long term service with you at a specific cost.  There is a strong likelihood that you are currently paying for ongoing service that is simply not being delivered.  We may be able to step in and provide a proper annual service at no additional cost.


Every case is different, so please call us to discuss your situation.

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