Although you are thinking about funding care, buying a funeral plan at this time can be a very good idea.

•    It means that your funeral can be chosen and planned calmly in advance. 
•    It prevents your executors needing to access funds from your estate to pay for your funeral before probate has been granted.
•    It may protect a little more of your estate for your beneficiaries.
•    It allows you to buy your funeral at today's prices.  The average cost of a funeral increased by 110% since 2004*, if this continues in 10 years the average funeral could be as much as £7298*
Having bought a funeral plan, you and your family can relax, knowing that when the time comes your family will not have the additional worry of planning everything and your wishes will be known.

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Planning in advance means that when the time comes, your family just have to make a simple phone call and everything is taken care of.

If you have hymns, readings or special requests these can be kept with your plan and your funeral director will have a copy of these to hand at the time of the funeral.

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Buying a funeral plan secures the funeral directors services included in the plan at today's prices.  The average cost of a funeral increased by 110% since 2004*

Also, paying for your funeral now may protect a little extra for your beneficiaries.  For example, if your assets were to fall to England’s Local Authority funding limit of £23,250, your funeral is already paid so the cost is not taken from your remaining estate.**

The funeral director’s services included in the plan are guaranteed to be covered with nothing more to pay at the time of the funeral. Most plans also include an allowance towards third party costs, which are the services and fees outside of the funeral director’s control, such as fees for burial or cremation and payment for the clergy or officiant.

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Once your funeral plan is in place the details can be left with your care provider.  When the time comes, if your family is away, your care provider can start arrangements knowing that they are meeting your wishes.  This could allow your family time to return home.

Having researched the market, we recommend funeral plans from Golden Charter.  Golden Charter is owned by the country’s widest network of independent funeral directors and is one of the UK's leading funeral plan providers.  They offer access to a wide choice of independent local funeral directors.  If you have a preferred funeral director, you can note this on your application, or leave the choice to Golden Charter.

Buying a Golden Charter funeral plan is a thoughtful way to plan ahead and make things simpler for your family at a difficult time.

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*SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2017

** If a funeral plan is purchased close to the time that funds run down to local authority funding levels it is possible that the purchase will be regarded as a deprivation of assets.